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Welcome to the

modern Warrior Project

The Modern Warrior Project believes that law abiding citizens should be able to live a life without fear.

We are a Special Operations Veteran led company that promotes freedom and confidence through community and training.

We do this by offering world class instruction in the domains of Survival, Tactics, Preparation, and Fitness. The foundation of which is our premier defensive mindset system Comprehensive Situational Control (CSC).

CSC gives users the tools and experience to recognize critical situations as they develop, avoid them when possible, or recover control during them if necessary.



We're Giving Away Some Targets!

Check out a Client's detailed review of training with the MWP!

Note: Omega Group Consultants (OGC) is the Modern Warrior Project’s parent company. Blue Spear Consulting Group (BSCG) is owned by the Modern Warrior Project Director of Training. This class was conducted in 2016 under the old title of Combat Shooting Dynamics – Rifle: Intermediate but is what we now teach as Duty Rifle – Level 2.

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