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World Threat Directory: Help During a Hurricane

World Threat Directory: Help During a Hurricane

Hurricane Season is upon us!

If you’ve been watching the news lately in between the constant political banter you’ve probably noticed that there has been a lot of talk of potential hurricanes. As such I thought it would be a good time to introduce the World Threat Directory (WTD) to the Modern Warrior Community. For those of you who are already familiar with the original purpose WTD you may be surprised to learn it has a specific feature that was built in response to challenges encountered during natural disaster.

WTD Explained

The WTD is a cloud based platform that serves to consolidate HUMINT (human intelligence) across the globe in three main areas of focus. Those areas are Criminal, BioHazard, and Weather. The World Threat Directory is the first ever global collaborative intelligence platform dedicated to mitigating risk and effectively eliminating gaps in criminal and disaster management. The WTD is accessed and utilized through the website ( and the complimentary APP.

So what does this all mean; what can it do?

Users (civilians, organizations, agencies, etc..) have the ability to anonymously share information to the Geodirectory. In turn users have the ability to examine and utilize information shared to the directory via a pinned map interface with reviewable listings. The site functionality is similar to the popular business review site Yelp. The information shared is what makes the WTD such a powerful tool for risk mitigation. Information is shared in four Primary Categories.
Crimes-Criminal Groups-Biohazard-Weather

Check out the original intro video to the WTD.

Note: The Weather capability was added as a consideration after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. I personally had family that lost their houses, and as a result began to brainstorm how we could help mitigate storm damage and expedite recovery efforts.

So how does it help in a Hurricane?

Well I’m glad you asked. The incorporation of the Weather Category allows a number of benefits to potential storm areas. 

Weather: The add weather listing is for use during severe weather events. This can range from localized tornado sightings to large scale disasters. We’ve broken the Weather event listing down to remain a very simple yet strong interface that includes four categories. Those categories are as follows:

  • Notices: This category represents the broad and generic information (e.g. Hurricane forming in the Gulf…..)
  • Important Notifications: This category represents on the ground sightings and important information (e.g. Tornado spotted….; Power down in …subdivision)
  • Need Emergency Assistance: This category is intended for those who need emergency recovery services (e.g. trapped at this location). It’s worth noting that our system can Geolocate your exact location and pin it to the map for you, greatly assisting in the recovery effort.
  • Area Cleared: This category is intended for recovery efforts by both volunteers and organized efforts. By marking areas or specific locations as cleared during a recovery effort it allows all in involved in the recovery effort a shared platform to help deconflict and provide a more unified recovery operation.

As you can see this robust capability could greatly aide in pre, during, and post storm recovery. Helping to potentially save lives and valuable resources. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the World Threat Directory you can check out some of our many videos on Youtube HERE .

Best of all you can begin levaraging this FREE resource in your local area by visiting the site, downloading the APP, and most importantly sharing your intel with the World. 

Hint: You can scan the QR Code in the Sidebar and Download the APP or just visit your Google or Itunes Store and search 'World Threat Directory'

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