MWP: Fitness Guide Vol 1

MWP Fitness Guide Vol. 1

Below is our first edition of the Modern Warrior Fitness Guides. We thought a great place to start our introduction to Fitness was the often overlooked task of stretching. In this issue we cover some basics about stretching as well as dispell a mythy you may believe to be true. Best of all we provide you with a simple stretching routine that will give you a great start to getting to a more flexible state. Of course with a routine you need a log to track and follow your workout, so we provide that as well.

You can view the Magazine right here online (recommend viewing in full screen mode), and/or if you would like you can click the download icon and download the PDF version for offline viewing and printing. If you enjoy this product please share your comments with us in the comment section below. 


*NOTE: On most mobile devices it is best to download and view the PDF. 

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