Letter from the Modern Warrior Project Founder:

Hello, First let me start off with a little introduction and clarification for those of you who may be new here at the Modern Warrior Project. My name is Shane Blevins and I’m the founder and president of Omega Group Consultants (OGC) LLC. Assuming you are new here you’re probably wondering what is OGC, who are you and why am I even reading this….if you hang in there with me for just a short bit I’ll try and make it worth your time. The Modern Warrior Project is a division of OGC. The focus of both (the company and the project) share some similarities, as well as some differences. The overarching similarity is that both have a simple aim at the core of their mission. That is to help foster, train, and produce highly skilled warriors. The primary difference is the ‘who’. OGC is primarily geared toward government clients as well as some academic and corporate.
OGC conducting training for USAF element
While the Modern Warrior Project is for you and me. That being the people. Regardless of your background or station in life we hope to help build a stronger community of self-reliant and (justifiably) confident individuals through proper education, equipment, training and more. As you’ll come to see the Modern Warrior Project is a very unique and extensive endeavor, but one that has been meticulously planned out, worked on, and produced over the course of the last 4+ years, and we’re confident you’re going to love it……unless you are happy in complacency in which case you can probably go watch the View right about now. So, now that you have a fairly good idea of the general intent of the Modern Warrior Project and the company behind it let me spend a few minutes on introducing myself and talking about the team behind the MWP. I retired from the US ARMY after 20 years of service at the end of 2015. During my career I spent just under 15 years of that in the Special Operations Community, namely 1/160 SOAR (A). In addition to my time in the Special Operations Community I served as the 1SG for the US Army S.E.R.E. School. To be honest with you I personally despise writing about my service. For those of you who have served in the military I would compare it to writing your own NCOER or OER (Evaluation Report). It feels a bit like a self-aggrandizing exercise and awkward. That said it has been brought to my attention that it is important that as a business we ‘qualify’ our experience and expertise to provide the training and services we offer. That I do completely understand and I actually enjoy bragging on the expert qualifications and skills of those who compose our team and help make us the great service provider we are. OGC employs highly trained experts from fields specifically relevant to our core areas of focus (Tactics, Survival, Preparation, Fitness). We’re composed of members from across the Special Operations and Special Forces community, Law Enforcement and SWAT, highly certified Fitness Professionals and more! Over time you will get to meet many of them here at the BLOG+ as they suffer through a similar self-aggrandizing introduction and share their backgrounds and unique experiences with you as well. More importantly, however, you’ll get to know us and about our experiences as we share them at relevant times through articles and videos right here at the Modern Warrior Blog+. That brings to conclude with a quick introduction to the Modern Warrior Blog+ as we officially unveil it today. The MW Blog + earns the ‘+’ because it is more that just a blog. It will be a steady source of free relevant information, videos and useful tools for the Modern Warrior. Every Tuesday we will provide you with fresh material that is specifically geared towards helping you along your Modern Warrior Journey. We may occasionally throw some sarcastic, humorous, or other miscellaneous stuff in along the way as well. Finally, in return, if I could request one thing it would be for your honest feedback and welcomed participation through interacting in the comments section. Our team truly values establishing a relationship with the Modern Warrior Community and the best way to build that relationship is two way communication. ad victoriam, Shane Blevins

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