Letter from the Modern Warrior Project’s Director of Training

Hello and thank you for taking a moment to let me introduce myself. My name is Justin Moore and I recently joined the Modern Warrior Project as the Director of Training. I’ll explain my role with the Project a little bit later on, but wanted to start by providing a brief background about myself and why Shane asked me to become a part of the most ambitious training shift the industry has ever seen.

I am an active duty military officer currently serving in the US Coast Guard as a fixed wing aviator. However, I began my career in 2007 with the US Army. After graduating from Clemson University’s business management program via an Army ROTC scholarship I found myself in Ft. Rucker, AL to complete flight school. In a rare stroke of luck, I was offered a fixed wing slot and left the home of Army Aviation as both a qualified UH-60 Blackhawk and C-12 King Air pilot. My next stop was the Guardrail Common Sensor (GR/CS) RC-12 course. I flew Special Electronic Mission Aircraft (SEMA) in Afghanistan in 2011 before requesting a transition back to rotary wing to see a different side of the fight. In 2013 I deployed again to Afghanistan, this time as an Air Assault helicopter pilot. Following my second trip overseas I was accepted into the US Army’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) School which I ultimately led through the school’s first ever Department of the Army accreditation process. During my nearly 10 years in the Army I was fortunate to have command responsibility four separate times in three different communities – Military Intelligence (INSCOM), Air Assault (FORSCOM), and the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). Before leaving the Army, I was hired as a Reserve Public Safety Officer (RPSO) by the Daleville Police Department where I had the chance to attend the Alabama Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) SWAT Officer course and join the department’s SWAT team. In addition to my military and law enforcement background I own the Blue Spear Consulting Group, a small training company specializing in working hand-in-hand with clients to build low cost, high impact training events and programs tailored specifically to their requirements.

Shane and I worked together extensively during our time in at the US Army SERE School and I routinely volunteered to guest instruct for OGC, LLC shooting and survival courses before I PCSed. With a unique perspective and relevant experience in all four disciplines, Shane thought I’d be the right fit for the challenging Director of Training role. I am business minded, grounded in real-world operational experience, and focused entirely on bringing to bear the full weight of our team’s unmatched network of experts so that everyone who participates in the Project can enjoy the maximum benefits of such a distinct community.

Every member of the MWP’s product and course development teams understands the importance of great training because our lives have literally depended on it. So as the Director of Training, my number one responsibility will always be to ensure the high quality and continued relevance of our world-class instruction. Ultimately, my passion is to teach and I am driven by a desire to make law aiding citizens holistically less vulnerable. I look forward to meeting and working with you all on this incredible journey to change the way the world trains.

ad victoriam,

– Justin

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