So You're a Pro?

Why not get treated like one?

By the way: It’s FREE!


All Modern Warriors receive a discount, but as a PRO you get an even deeper discount. Sometimes below our wholesale. 

special access

Just as the Modern Warrior has special access to MW only material , occasionally we provide info only avaiable to the PRO Community.

first access

As a PRO you will always be the first to recieve access. Whether it is a new product, service, program or the like. 

More on the Discount

As a Pro you get steep discounts on our merchandise at checkout. Most items are discounted around 50% off the retail or sale price. That’s right….we even give you the discount off of the sale price! The primary exception to the 50 % rule is our used gear sales, however you still receive a great discount there as well. 

Who Qualifies

Our Pro deal is pretty wide ranging. Ultimately we seek to provide it to those who are professionally involved in the industries we focus on as well as those who serve our society. We occasionally update this list so if you’re not on it check back every once in awhile and make sure we haven’t added your profession. 


  • Law enforcement current or retired 
  • Military (Serving or Served Honorably)
  • Firefighter
  • EMT
  • Department of Correction
  • Government Contractor (That functions in a hostile or tactical training environment)
  • Professional in Survival, Tactics, Fitness or Preparation Fields. Example: Personal Trainer, Firearms Instructor, Survival Instructor, etc..