Endurance: The key to the warrior’s preparation

Endurance: The key to the warrior’s preparation

When I speak of endurance, I’m not thinking about pushups, pull ups or laps run. I think about the ability to sustain yourself in a hostile environment. Even at my age, 58, I still engage in training to extend my physical output. Any true warrior will tell you that even though that is great it is not the determining factor of who’s going to win or lose. There are several things you must understand to transform yourself from just a fighter into that mythological, earth changing being known as a warrior. It’s the desire of most men and the reason why action movies, no matter how cheesy, will always make money.

Being a warrior is a trade

You must respect the process of becoming a warrior, it’s not going to happen overnight.  You must practice, practice and then do it some more. A warrior uses minimal energy for maximum effect, his execution of his function is as natural as the breath in his lungs.  In Japan there is a sword art called iaido and its concentration is on the drawing of the blade only. It is in this same manner that a warrior training with firearms consistently trains on how to access, aim and fire his weapon. I teach all my students to do techniques very slowly for two reasons. It builds the smaller muscles up which increases your ability to execute in times of total muscle failure and it gives you the opportunity to critique every gesture you make. In due season your skills will begin to mesh together, and you will be able to act when others are not able to.

Reconcile yourself to your own mortality

Your occupation is to generate death, if you believe otherwise you are either very naïve, very young or both.  The Bible states in Matthew, that he that lives by the sword will die by it. In other words, it’s most likely you will die performing your job. If you spend your time shooting, carrying, training in martial arts and tactical thinking, we all know what your real job is. If you can’t reconcile yourself to the fact that even with all your skills you can be killed, you need to abort this journey right now. You can still train but the best you can hope for is to be a fighter. Being a fighter is fine but know this, you will fail if you are confronted by a warrior because he has already committed, himself to die and you have not. I’ve been blessed to know many warriors in my life and they all had one thing in common and that is strong faith. No matter what you believe you will believe in something, a proximity to death dictates a proximity to God because it is inevitable that you will meet.

Be selfish

The outcome of close personal combat either will favor you or it will not. You must permit yourself to do whatever is necessary to survive.  In the current phase of a hoplophobic media we are currently experiencing being right doesn’t dictate that you will not spend your life in prison or die of lethal injection. Despite this you must conclude that life is better than death. It is my preference to die 10,20 or even 30 years later in prison than to give my life at that moment. Even while training you must envision the results of winning a fatal encounter and losing the aftermath. I realize that your opponent is someone’s child, uncle or etc., but so are you. Every prison in the United States has visitation, overseas I’m not sure. Your family can still interact with you if you are alive.

Avoid violence

The more proficient you are the less likely you will want to get involved in a potentially dangerous situation. I tell my students to ask themselves one very important question and that is has the person done something to me so offensive that I must kill him to make it right. If you’re honest, the answer will be no. I have been engaged in executive protection for many years and I have found that certain types of people usually make inferior agents. If your solution to every situation is to draw your weapon you will quickly become a liability for your client and your company. Learn how display humility, it’s much easier than defending your actions in court.

Final thoughts

The word warrior is tossed around a lot these days and just like the word hero it’s meaning has been lost in its over use. The word itself is a throwback to the days of honor and respect. The days when a man would never attack another from behind or kill a woman or child.  Contrary to popular belief this type of individual is not extinct, we are just at peace. Warriors are not visible in times of peace, but they come in many different packages.  Clerks, teachers, bus boys, poets and musicians all contribute to the maintenance of the society we live in. Keeping their true identities suppressed until they are needed, then and only then will they display their trade. It is a fraternity that is not given but earned. Remember the race is not given to the swift or the strong but to be that endures to the end.  Until next time remember, prepare, perceive and protect.



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