A Social Problem
Young pretty girl with teenage problems looking in the broken mirror

A Social Problem

There is something seriously wrong with a growing portion of our society, and it doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. Sunday much of the nation was shocked as they saw or heard that a deranged animal chose to execute an elderly stranger in cold blood and air it on Facebook Live. This is not the only time this and other acts of violence and suicide have been committed in recent years with social media being (at least in part) a motivating factor.

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Can Etiquette Cost You Your Life?

I need to discuss when it’s acceptable to break those rules and explain the title of this article. A couple of years ago I was giving a lecture on Comprehensive Situational Control as part of a larger conference. In the talk I had a young college-aged girl express

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Profound Impact: This Soldier’s Perspective

Ultimately my aim of this story is to share what I consider one of the most profound impacts my military service had on me personally. While my service influenced me in many ways and essentially has created the person that I am there is one specific thing that constantly remains in my mind directly related to it, and affects how I react to many situations.

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A Soldier’s Fight

“Soldiers fight for freedom.” This matter of fact statement has been said of the men and women that have fought and died in nearly every conflict and war since the beginning of time. It is one that few will deviate from for fear of retaliation from others, who believe it is unpatriotic to believe otherwise.

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