Pablo Birriel

Jesus Wept

I have written a lot of articles because I love to write. There is something so exhilarating about sharing your deepest thoughts, even more so

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Blake Fuhriman

A Soldier’s Fight

“Soldiers fight for freedom.” This matter of fact statement has been said of the men and women that have fought and died in nearly every conflict and war since the beginning of time. It is one that few will deviate from for fear of retaliation from others, who believe it is unpatriotic to believe otherwise.

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Pablo Birriel

Cut it Out

To the feudal Japanese the term shuriken meant an easily concealable blade or instrument hidden on the body for defensive purposes. It was often a micro sized blade sharpened to a scalpel’s consistency to something as simple as a hat pin. I still believe that this is a valid strategy.

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Couch to Marathon: A Simple Guide for the Average Joe

Running has become increasingly more popular, with folks running race distances from 5K to the marathon. If your goal is to complete a marathon, proper preparation is required. If you are prepared, your marathon effort will surely be successful.

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