Air can’t make you fat: A quick guide to understanding calories

                I assume most of the readers know that ‘Air’ doesn’t make you fat, so let me quickly explain the inspiration for the title. First let me let you in on a little secret. I very rarely watch television, however there a couple of shows that I enjoy occasionally watching. One of those is ‘My 600lb Life’. If you’re not familiar with the show it follows morbidly obese individuals along their quest to qualify for weight loss surgery. In virtually every episode the patient will completely disregard the doctors diet and gain weight during the monitoring period. Then when confronted by the doctor it seems that 9 times out of 10 they try and lie about their eating. Steadfastly claiming that they stuck to the 1,200 calorie diet and must have something wrong with them medically. Well, the scales don’t lie and air doesn’t make you fat….excessive calorie intake does.

                While I’m confident that our readers don’t believe that air makes you fat I do think that a great majority of individuals aren’t clear on what a calorie is and how it interacts with our body. It’s for that reason that I wanted to do a quick article this week to highlight the mysterious calorie. Rather than going through a lengthy scientific explanation and boring you with minutia we’re going to share a Ted Talk video that does a great (less than 5 minute) explanation of the all important calorie.

THE TAKE AWAY: Calories are directly responsible for your weight

        In some future articles we’ll talk about how physical activity plays a role as well as provide some guideline to help you meet your general fitness goals; whether it’s getting a slimmer waistline or bulking up your muscle mass. Until then though just remember that calories ultimately determine your weight (Six Packs are made in the kitchen), or more precisely the amount of calories you take in versus the amount of calories you burn. Most importantly if you are trying to figure out why you’ve gained weight just be honest with yourself (and your trainer or doctor) because we all know……. AIR DOESN’T MAKE YOU FAT!

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